My First Parade of Homes

My first Parade of Homes experience happened not too long after we moved into our new home. I asked two of the neighbors I had met on our street if they wanted to go. One offered to drive. The three of us were somehow able to get away without children and check out the event. (best husbands ever!) I was excited about the potential inspiration that awaited us and grateful to not have a child at my side so I could soak it in.

We didn’t have to travel far since the neighborhood hosting the Parade of Homes was nearby. We were required to park and ride a bus that took people to and from the homes. The homes were crowded and you had to keep things moving.


The crowds did not make it ideal, but everything else but the design became a blur when I saw pretty lights,

IMG_4643IMG_4645IMG_4660 IMG_4659

patterns repeated throughout a house,


beautiful paint jobs (I had to touch it to make sure),


lit up bars,


a beautiful couch (swoon) and a vase that would not last on a table at my house with four boys,


and best of all, the room that inspired me to go blue in my dining room.


More shots from my day that have various pieces of inspiration:

IMG_4720 IMG_4739IMG_4738IMG_4792 IMG_4795IMG_4807IMG_4775 IMG_4798IMG_4805 IMG_4716IMG_4731IMG_4732IMG_4658 IMG_4743 IMG_4745


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