Presenting the Purple Room

It’s official. I’m in love with the purple. Collaboration is a beautiful thing because if it were not for my son’s desire for a purple room, I never would have gone in that direction.

purple room

I chose to paint the purple up the wall, on the angle because it makes the ceiling appear higher and draws your eye up. I am not painting the whole room. For some reason, maybe our high ceilings, maybe my uncooperative body, I have chosen to paint just one wall in each room of our home.

purple room

I used whatever we had on hand for his bedding. The quilt was made for me by my mom before I went to college. I have it reversed. The alpaca blanket is from South America. A gift for my son from my mom and dad last Christmas.

purple room

How I wish the headboard and bed frame would sand and stain or paint themselves. The color of the wood makes me think of outdated kitchen cupboards. I’m in love with the geometric gray and yellow, wool pillow found some months back on clearance at Target.

purple room

The horns were $5 at an estate sale. I’m so glad they found a home here.

purple room

Here is my attempt at a DIY string pendant. I learned what not to do when making one and was also pleasantly surprised by the results–as were my older sons. My four-year old is easily impressed and joyfully helped in the pendant making process. Crafting buddies rock!

string pendant

We could do without the pendant in the room. But my son loves it. It also adds a great source of light in the evening.

purple room

It’s like having a moon in your room.

purple room

The curtains were on sale at Target and are a great linen texture.


They are gauzy and see through. I would love to leave them as is, but I layered them with room darkening curtains to help my son sleep.

curtains curtainscurtains

We started here.


And now we are here.

purple room

Anyone on board the purple train with me? Thoughts on the headboard and bed frame being painted black? I’m reluctant to paint over wood grain, and think maybe sanding and staining a deeper color is the answer some days. For now and maybe forever, it will do since my son loves his purple room.



I would love to hear from you!

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