Hi! I am Kelli. By God’s design, my heart is captivated by design. The fire was lit in me when my husband and I had the opportunity to build a house. The design process and the decorating changed my life and ignited a love. I just may explode if I don’t share the passion that has been ignited!

I am married to another creative who works from home and the mother of four boys (tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor), living in San Antonio, Texas. I have lived and traveled all over the United States and Europe, but have been in Texas for the past thirteen years.

I have always loved being creative and obtained a degree in fine arts from the University of Texas at Austin. My husband has a degree in graphic design and owns his own branding and marketing business. I’m thinking pro bono work is in his future, no? Since we are both creatives, designing and decorating our home has been challenging and fun. We have to agree on almost everything before it makes it through the door!

I have fallen hard for design because of the joy and peace it can bring. I love that it can calm and comfort or excite the senses and the psyche. I love the feelings that come from being surrounded by a well designed space, by things you cherish and love. It is nourishing to the soul.

I hope to capture the pursuit of my passion and share the process of learning and loving as our home and our lives evolve. I’d love to make friends, collaborate and inspire people along the way!



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