Majestic Design Love

One of the things I love most about our home is the view of the ever-changing sunsets, the giant clouds and fog that roll through the sky, and the amazing lightning storms (albeit scary). I love that our upper living room windows also reveal the sky and allow the moon to light up the living room at night when it’s full.

When I originally created my blog, one of the links I included at the top was, “Love, God”. I wanted to share my photos of the sky taken from our home because they felt like love letters from God through His creation. Being that my passion is for design and I believe He is the Master Designer, I saw it fitting to include it at the top. I can’t deny His skills. Who else can put red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet together and make it look absolutely amazing? I soon took the link down because it occurred to me that, “Love, God”, could lead people to think it was where I spelled out my beliefs, and maybe cause them to miss out on the love letters. Instead, they are accessible from a sunset photo in my sidebar.

These are all shot from our back porch or through our living room windows and are straight off of my camera. And in case you haven’t been–welcome to Texas!

sunset Jan 2016SunsetsunsetsunsetsunsetIMG_2104sunsetIMG_1753IMG_1200IMG_1290IMG_1629IMG_1630IMG_2789IMG_1153Living RoomIMG_1950IMG_2389IMG_2033


DIY Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is quickly approaching! What to do for my husband has been on my mind. I like our gifts to involve the kids in some way.

One of the things we gave my husband for Father’s Day last year was an apron to wear when he grilled outdoors. On the chest area of the apron I ironed on a photo of our youngest son declaring his love for daddy.

Father's Day apron

I purchased an adult apron in the natural color. Michaels and Hobby Lobby both carry aprons for kids and adults. The apron retails for around $5. Michaels will honor a Hobby Lobby coupon for 40% off a full priced item (I use my phone for this) if you don’t have a Michaels coupon. The HP iron on transfer came from an office supply store years ago. Follow the directions that come with the transfers and you are golden. The photo and text transferred beautifully and the colors are great. The apron can be washed down the road if needed.

I love that anything you want to say or design can be transferred onto the apron for a special person in your life.