A Trip to the Texas Snake Farm

With animal heads, skins, fur, horns and antlers glorified so much in design, it’s nice to see animals alive sometimes. I have driven past what advertises to be a snake farm and a small zoo along Interstate 35 for years now. Since I have four boys, it’s a small miracle that until last week, I had never been. I could have done without the snakes. There were plenty and not one picture did I take of them. But beyond the snakes, there were animals that captured my heart. I’m still thinking about the baby versions I saw and might have to go back and visit. Enter the snake farm:

snake farm bird camel mountain lion mountain lion

This guy made us think of the movie Night at the Museum.

The peacock was amazing and was more than happy to pose for me. I might be blowing one of these photos up.

peacock peacock peacock peacock turkey crocodile petting zoo IMG_3977 IMG_3978piglets piglets piglets

The cutest things ever! They were much smaller than they appear in photos.


I have never been as smitten with a piglet as I was with these.


The goat kid still had wobbly legs. So adorable!

goat kid goat kidgoat kidIMG_3985

After the snake farm, we finished the day with a trip to Landa Park in New Braunfels, TX for a miniature train ride, then into town for a sweet treat at a bakery. We caught our slice of Texas on a beautiful day that made winter feel like spring.