The Light That Needed a Really Big Ladder

We have been in our home close to three years and we are still making it our own one area at a time. Currently, the area above the front door is getting some love. When you reach the top of the stairs a ledge above the front door becomes visible. We hung a painting and called it a day a long time ago. It is a space I have wanted to add more life to for a while. I have always pictured the back wall painted and a different light fixture.


I have joked with my kids about laying a ladder across and making it a time out space. Or maybe I’ll make it my mommy space where no one can reach me. I could fit a desk, a bed or a small couch up there!


We have been taking our time switching out light fixtures in the house. Our choices were very limited in the design center when building our home. As the budget allows, and when sales come up for something we have been eying, I talk sweet nothings to my husband. If he sees the beauty of my vision, we pull the trigger. We sell the ones we take down on Craig’s List. When Restoration Hardware Baby & Child had a sale on lighting a couple of months ago, we purchased a hanging chandelier. I like looking at lights offered for kid’s rooms because sometimes you can get more bang for your buck and you’d never know it was marketed for a kid’s room.

Here is a before of the light fixture:


Here is an after with our new chandelier:

pendant pendant pendant

I love it! My husband loves it. My boys love it. The crystals casts cool shadows when the light is on. It’s nice eye candy when you reach the top of the stairs. Next, I plan to paint the wall behind the painting a deep color.

Normally, my husband and I handle switching out light fixtures. It is the one of the few things he will DIY. We were unable to change this light ourselves because of how high it is. It required us calling a professional with a big ladder, which is probably part of the reason why it has taken us three years to switch out the light. Fortunately, we can reach the light from the bridge and pull it towards us when we need to change the light bulbs.


Painting the back wall is going to require me getting our biggest ladder out. I’ve been up on the ledge before to dust it and hang art, and it’s a bit of a climb up there! I’m anxious to see a color behind the painting we have hanging there. But I am not anxious to scale the ladder with my painting supplies!