A Gala and a Getaway

My husband recently had work accepted for judging by the AAF-San Antonio. The awards gala was held the day after Valentine’s Day at the McNay Museum. The timing and location couldn’t have been more fitting for us since we held our wedding reception there.

The museum holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favorite places in San Antonio. When my three oldest sons were much younger and I was a single mother, we often came to the museum to enjoy the grounds. They loved the sprawling green hills and giant rocks just big enough for little boys to climb on, the koi fish and fountain, the courtyard and life-size sculptures.

The museum has also fueled and supported my creative side. I’ve sold jewelry through the museum’s gift shop, and I’ve often come to sit outside, work on drawings and have my Snow White moments with the squirrels and birds.

McNay Museum

And then I met my husband and we all came here together.

McNay Museum

armed with drawing pads, 2007

What I love most about coming to the museum is seeing the works of art displayed in a gorgeous, historic home. It’s an adventure exploring the home while enjoying the art, and the colorful Mexican tiles get me every time.

iPhone pictures of the gala night:

McNay Museum

McNay Museum

After the gala, we headed to Austin for an overnight stay. We found a Living Social deal for Lone Star Court, a new hotel in Austin. The place is a hip, retro, and rustic approach to hotel design and decorating. It was pretty awesome and many photos were snapped with my phone.

Checking in at night:

Lone Star Court Lone Star Court Lone Star Court Lone Star Court

I love that the design invites you to hang out outdoors.

Lone Star Court

They had me with the blue door and orange rocking chair color combo.

Lone Star Court

And look how well they made yellow work with it.

Lone Star CourtLone Star Court

This is where they serve breakfast and offer live music until 1 am on the weekends. It’s a hip barn.

Lone Star Court

You can’t call yourself Lone Star Court without cactus somewhere.

Lone Star Court Lone Star Court Lone Star Court Lone Star Court

Could it be any more fitting that two people are in cowboy hats?

Lone Star Court

I loved the light shining through the glass and reflecting off the metal.

Lone Star Court Lone Star Court

The tiles…swoon.

Lone Star Court

From across the room, the tufted leather sofa appeared to have real wood all the way around the outside.

Lone Star Court

Again, they had me with the blue door. Here’s our room:

Lone Star CourtLone Star Court Lone Star Court

It doesn’t get any better than having a Smeg refrigerator in your room.

Lone Star Court Lone Star Court   Lone Star Court Lone Star Court

Checking out:

Lone Star Court Lone Star Court Lone Star Court Lone Star Court Lone Star Court

It only got better because as it turned out, the hotel was located across the street from two amazing furniture stores (one being an independent Austin store), in addition to the store that makes me swoon–Anthropologie. It’s a Valentine memory loaded with inspiration.