Playing with Side Tables

I’m playing with side tables on Polyvore because my husband recently sold the ottoman serving as side table we had next to the couch in our master bedroom. He loves a good Craig’s List sale and I’m sure he was happy to see it go. He was never fond of the patterned ottoman. I guess he has been tolerating it for the past couple years. I might have shed an invisible tear. But I was willing to let it go because we plan to replace it when we come across something we both like.
Playing with side tables

Reading lamp / Sheepskin rug / Peacock Alley blanket / Pine Cone Hill curtain / Oblong throw pillowWhite centerpiece/ Glass vase / Tufted sofa  / Nate Berkus throw pillow

Side tables sources:

In the meantime, I wanted to show my husband what I envision. Polyvore and Pinterest are places where I can play with pretty pieces despite the price tags. I choose what appeals to my senses and leave cost out of the equation. This way I am not limited in what I can play with to learn what looks best. When it comes to actually making a purchase, I scour estate sales and discount retailers first in an attempt to find something that reflects what I love.

IMG_3149 IMG_2978
lamp /ottoman / sofapillow / blanket (no longer available)
The arched light in the mood board above came about because I miss the floor lamp we once had next to the couch. I wanted to see how it might look and possibly sway my husband. I’ve been mentioning one for the living room for over two years since we have a lack of artificial light at night in the living room and limited side table space to support a lamp. And we paid extra to have an outlet put in the ground under the couch. I’m ready to put it to use.
Here is what it looked like when we had a floor lamp next to the couch.
Now it lives in the living room.
Who knows, it might even make a return to the bedroom again someday.

When the Mood Strikes

Polyvore has been my go to for creating mood boards. Whenever I want to show my husband what I envision for our home (so I can woo him with my creativity), I throw together a mood board on Polyvore. I quick pick furniture that somewhat resembles our own and try not to spend too much time doing so. Occasionally, I add pieces to Polyvore’s home decor database as well.
I noticed recently, while fiddling with a mood board of our living room to see various curtain options, that Polyvore was having a contest that included a $500 Anthropologie gift card. Say no more. Just for kicks, I put together a mood board based on my own dining room as the jumping off point. It was great fun! For me, playing with home goods on Polyvore is like paper dolls come to life with interior pieces. I included pieces I would love to host a get together with around the table.Sass and Class
Here are photos of our dining room:
dining room dining room
dining room dining room