Majestic Design Love

One of the things I love most about our home is the view of the ever-changing sunsets, the giant clouds and fog that roll through the sky, and the amazing lightning storms (albeit scary). I love that our upper living room windows also reveal the sky and allow the moon to light up the living room at night when it’s full.

When I originally created my blog, one of the links I included at the top was, “Love, God”. I wanted to share my photos of the sky taken from our home because they felt like love letters from God through His creation. Being that my passion is for design and I believe He is the Master Designer, I saw it fitting to include it at the top. I can’t deny His skills. Who else can put red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet together and make it look absolutely amazing? I soon took the link down because it occurred to me that, “Love, God”, could lead people to think it was where I spelled out my beliefs, and maybe cause them to miss out on the love letters. Instead, they are accessible from a sunset photo in my sidebar.

These are all shot from our back porch or through our living room windows and are straight off of my camera. And in case you haven’t been–welcome to Texas!

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Inspired by Coastal Decor

Here in San Antonio, Texas we are about three hours away from the nearest coast. When summer comes, we try to make a trip to the ocean. I am not a beach girl by nature, but I feel it’s important to venture to the coast at least once a year since it is within our reach and within our budget–particularly since a couple of my boys love going to the beach.

Last summer, we spent a little more to stay somewhere that was a newer build and had a more aesthetically pleasing interior than the place we stayed the year before. It was worth every penny. I really enjoyed the decor and layout of the place we stayed. It is really amazing how much the up keep and interior of a place can impact your stay somewhere. The owners of the home did a great job making a coastal theme look attractive and feel inviting.

Port A

The swing was a big hit! Who doesn’t love a porch swing?

Port APort A

Upon entering there were three bedrooms to the right and stairs that led to the upstairs kitchen, dining and living area. I thought the entry mirror with hooks and hats was a nice touch and the whitewashed, wood plank walls definitely gave the place a coastal feeling.

Port A

The entry table came in handy for setting down keys, cameras, sunglasses, etc.

Port A

This is the space upstairs. It was unique to have the kitchen, dining and living spaces upstairs. We quickly realized how wonderful it was because of the views and breeze it afforded.

Port APort APort A

Prior to staying here, I had never experienced a kitchen with open shelving. This kitchen stole my heart and won me over very quickly!

Port APort APort A

I love the studded, green bar stools against the pale blue paint and the stained glass in the windows was a beautiful decorative touch.

Port A

I thought the light colored, pine flooring upstairs was a great choice for a beach house.

Port APort APort APort A

The pale blue seen throughout the interior was carried out onto the upstairs balcony.

Port APort A

Downstairs, all three bedrooms had whitewashed, wood plank accent walls. I love the organic, coastal feel it added to the room.


A seagrass headboard and a lamp base that made me think of the inside of seashells made perfect sense.

Port A

I loved having a runner to set my feet on when I stepped out of bed and adored the texture of this diamond patterned one.


The bathroom in the first bedroom was filled with design choices that added to the light, airy, coastal theme as well.

Port A Port A Port A

We chose stones for the shower floor in our master bathroom at home as well and I absolutely love standing on them in the morning. It is a therapeutic experience.

Port A

The second bedroom had a beautiful, blue sliding barn door. I love the pop of blue in the whitewashed hallway.


Bedroom number three had beautiful bedding and an organic textured lamp. The curtains in the bedrooms were almost as thick as canvas to the touch, but still had a light and airy appearance to them.

Port A

Another great choice for a bedside runner in a beach house.


What could be more fitting for a beach house than a mirror surrounded in shells? I love the iridescent nature of it.


We will be heading to the beach again this summer. My youngest asks often how many more days until we go. We will be staying at a different home within the same community as the one we stayed in last year. I can’t wait to see the interior layout and check out the decor!