I Heart Pots

I love the heart pot I made last year. I spray painted a cheap terracotta pot with white paint (only the outside, not the inside for plant’s sake), cut hearts out of painters tape, applied silver leaf, painted on a sealant and couldn’t be more delighted. I love the hearts reflective quality.

DIY heart PotDIY heart pot

I gave it a beautiful fern and it lived in a couple different places in the house.

DIY heart potmaster bathroommaster bathroommaster bathroom

It flourished. I loved it. Then the plant that was doing so incredibly well up and died. I never purchased a replacement, so the heart pot went away. I’m glad Valentine’s Day has brought it to my mind. I’m happy to report that the pink plant is still going strong.


Decorating for Valentine’s Day

It was really hard this past year for my littlest guy to see the Christmas decorations come down. When the lights and garland came down from the stair railing, he said something lovely like, “Put them back right now!” There were tears shed and a heart was broken by the removal of the tree and decorations that celebrated something so joyful and wonderful. It broke my heart. In an effort to comfort him, I put a small, two foot artificial tree covered in colored lights in his room. I understood his heart ache. It is always hard for me to put the decorations away as well. What’s not to love about Christmas?

It wasn’t long ago that he reminded me of my grave act of decoration removal. I again tried to comfort him. I explained that there is always another celebration, another special day around the corner. I told him the next one involves love, hearts and appreciation for one another–and there might be something yummy to eat too.

With great gusto he said, “Well then, let’s decorate! Come on, mommy, decorate!”

I’ve never really decorated for Valentine’s Day. But when your four year old is gung ho about it, you can’t help but get after it. I quickly thought about what we could muster up in the way of homemade, doesn’t make a big mess decorations. I also thought he might enjoy making cards.

We pulled out various pieces of paper I have accumulated over the years and foam stamps my mom gave to my boys and I nine years ago. (Would you believe the stamp pad still worked?) And one very special stamp I bought years ago with a verse on it.

First, we made a card for his preschool teacher.

DIY Valentine's Day card

Then we made a stack of stamped cards for his classmates and cut hearts out of the corners so we can slip ribbon through the holes and attach goodie bags filled with a couple little toys and yummy treats (that are not riddled with toxic artificial colors and flavors).

valentine cards

chevron bags from Hobby Lobby

We made sun catchers.

heart suncatcher

I used leftover cotton duck canvas from my college painting classes eons ago (clearly, I’m not painting on canvas much if I still have it around) and some leftover fabric from IKEA to make pillows.

heart pillow

heart pilow

heart pillow

I can handle minimal sewing tasks like this one.

heart pillow

He loves it in his room. (He also brought the little paper heart cut-outs up to his room and spread them on the window sill.)

heart pillowheart pillow

A few days later, my little guy and I were at Target and saw a heart garland. He asked if we could get it. It was hard to say no. I didn’t want to squelch his decorator spirit and he rarely asks for things in the store. He held the package of hearts all the way through the store.

heart garland

heart garland

We love the simple little additions of hearts and color, and the reminder to celebrate love. And my husband has been kind enough not to complain about felt hearts strung across the fireplace. Love you, baby!